User manuals

Pössl User manuals

In addition to the User Manual provided when the vehicle is handed over, we provide all the User Manuals for our vehicles for download as a further service.

If you require the User Manual for a vehicle from an older model year, please contact the authorized dealer. Please have the serial number or the vehicle identification number ready when making your request. 

Please note that the correct User Manuals depend on the model year of the respective vehicles and not on the date of first registration, which is not necessarily the same as the model year. It is therefore essential that you check your vehicle's model year before downloading to ensure that you do not download the wrong User Manual and subsequently operate your vehicle incorrectly, which may result in possible damage.

We hereby expressly point out that the company Pössl Freizeit und Sport GmbH does not assume any liability for damage caused by using a User Manual for the incorrect model year. Your authorized Pössl dealer can inform you about the actual model year of a vehicle on site after being provided with the vehicle identification number. If you purchased a used vehicle privately, please contact us and have your serial number or vehicle identification number to hand.

D-Line / Trenta / Plus-Models Download (pdf)
Summit / Summit Prime / Summit Shine / Summit Plus Models Download (pdf)