Shh. 100% Softlock.

Fully electric sliding door.

One detail that has often led to the dissolution of campsite friendships is the sliding door. Slamming doors at night on campsites are real sleep killers. All the better that PÖSSL has a practical and elegant solution for them:

A fully electric sliding door with a silent Softlock locking system.

Silence on the campsite.

The sliding door is set in motion by a small lever on the inside or the door handle on the outside. If there is something in the door´s frame during the closing process, the obstruction is immediately detected and the door opens again. Additionally, the door can be stopped in any position by using on of the levers.

This means that the door does not have to be pulled open across its entire width when simply getting in or out. The fully electric sliding door opens and closes automatically even on slopes. Last but not least: The sliding door can also be operated manually at any time via an easy-to-use emergency release.


Standard on all D-Line models (H-Line & Summit optional)