So close to the sky. With the PÖSSL SkyRoof ©.

Exclusively patented to PÖSSL.

Innovation has always been a priority for PÖSSL. In order to make an existing solution even more innovative and ultimately better, PÖSSL has joined forces with Dometic, the Swedish manufacturer of caravan installations, and developed a new type of SkyRoof© for panel vans. With its SkyRoof© PÖSSL sets new standards for innovative panel van motorhomes. It makes the vehicle´s interior optically larger, not only lets light in but - thanks to the clever opening function - also out again, looks elegant and is optimally integrated into the vehicle.

Dometic windscreen blackout blind | From bottom to top: for larger field of vision to the front and greater privacy. Half-closed everybody can look out, but nobody can look in

Exclusive lighting solution with a twist.

Rigid skyroofs look good, let in plenty of light, are cheap to produce and make the vehicle´s interior look much more spacious. BUT: Along with the light, they also let in a lot of heat which - because they are rigid - cannot get out. So there are 4 advantages and one extremely serious disadvantage - the PÖSSL now eliminates it with its solution. Because with a SkyRoof© that can be opened, the previous disadvantage suddenly becomes a big advantage. And exactly according to this principle the SkyRoof© was developed by PÖSSL. Even more: The PÖSSL SkyRoof© was designed according to the principle of the S4 luxury window with an independent, stable and fully insulated plastic frame with integrated roller blinds.

The solution convinced the PÖSSL developers so much that in future all Summit models will be fitted with the new Dometic windscreen roller blind that closes from bottom to top. Closing from bottom to top means easier handling, more privacy and yet more light. The roller blind is simply pulled up to ¾ and you are protected from prying eyes - while still getting enough light. So it's no wonder that this new front roller blind has also been integrated into the design of the new SkyRoof. Plus sun shades, integrated and illuminated side compartments above the doors with spots and the connection to the Midi Heki.


These models have the option.