Four or five? consequently developped seating bench. 

The principle is simple: the 2-seater bench is designed in such a way that it can be extended to three seats on request, ex works or by retrofitting. Quite simple: the frame for the additional backrest is pulled out of the 2-seater bench. Now all that remains is to fold the seat cushion out of the seat box and hook in the upholstery of the backrest - the 3-seater bench is ready!

The way back to the 2-seater bench is of course just as quick and easy.

With the new system, all possibilities are open: Four or five seats can be selected ex works. Even vehicles ordered by the dealer with four seats can easily be extended to five seats. What's more, with this simple retrofitting option, both the weights and basic prices remain the same and there is still the option of upgrading for five people at any time!

As a manufacturer, PÖSSL offers 100% variability and flexibility.