We bring safety to the table.

Smart details included.

When it comes to the issue of safety for fellow travellers, the seats at the back were always at a disadvantage. Either the dining table was permanently installed and thus a safety risk, or it was difficult to dismantle or store.
PÖSSL has taken up this issue and developed a new table called Easy Move, which is both practical and safe.

Easy Move table (SUMMIT 540 only) | The practical stowable Easy Move table provides more legroom and more safety while driving

The Easy Move table.

•Unique legroom
• Can be tilted away while driving
• Novel security
•Table extendable  (with cup holder)
• Folding away for ladder to access the pop-up roof ;
• High stability - nothing rattles while driving!
• Unique new table concept

With this new table concept, PÖSSL offers an optimal solution, which is manufactured to the usual high quality and perfectly implemented in the panel van.

What makes it special is that the Easy Move table offers - thanks to its clever track system - unique legroom when it is used as a dining table. No support is in the way of the legs. For the journey, the table can be folded away in a few easy steps and securely fastened. This prevents the table from being thrown forward in the event of a rear-end collision and fellow passengers cannot injure themselves by bumping into it. The Easy Move table thus sets new safety standards for the rear area.

The table is extremely stable and can be fixed really firmly. Nothing wobbles or rattles!


These models have the possibility to.